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Benaras , also commonly known as Varanasi or Banaras and Kashi , is a city situated on the left (west) bank of the river Ganga (Ganges) in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, regarded as holy by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains, and one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world.

The culture of Varanasi is closely associated with the river Ganges and the river's religious importance. The city has been a cultural and religious centre in northern India for several thousand years. A particular style of classical Hindustani music developed in Varanasi centuries ago, and many prominent Indian philosophers, poets, writers, and musicians resided or reside in Varanasi, including Kabir, Ravi Das, Munshi Premchand, Jaishankar Prasad, Acharya Ram Chandra Shukla, Pandit Ravi Shankar, Hariprasad Chaurasia, and Ustad Bismillah Khan. Tulsidas wrote his "Ramacharitamanas" there, and Gautama Buddha gave his first sermon at Sarnath near Kashi. Ayurveda is said to have originated at Varanasi.


Summer : Max 38.9 degree C Min. 28.2 degree C
Winters : Max 24.7 degree C Min. 9.2 degree C
Rainfall : 105-110 centimeters


Air : There are daily domestic flights to and from Varanasi to several cities in India. Apart from the state owned Indian Airlines, there are many private air taxi operators that offer their services from Varanasi to other Indian cities.
Train : Since Varanasi lies in the heartland of the North Indian plains, it is well connected to Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and other parts of India. There are two railway stations in Varanasi, the Kashi Junction and the Varanasi Junction (also known as Varanasi Cantonment). Rajdhani Express from Delhi or from Calcutta passes through Varanasi too. One can also catch trains from Mughalsarai, just 10 km south of Varanasi.
Road : Situated in the flat Ganga plains, Varanasi has a good network of roads. frequent public and private buses and road transport to all the major towns of Uttar Pradesh and nearby areas.

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Wedding Venue in Benara, Hotel Taj GangesHotel Taj Ganges A veritable haven of peace and tranquility in the bustling temple city, Taj Ganges offers the perfect combination of five-star elegance and timeless hospitality. Set amidst 40 verdant acres, just 21 Km from the airport, Taj Ganges offers calm and relaxation in the heart of this crowded, ancient temple city.

Hotel Radisson BenarasHotel Radisson The Radisson Varanasi hotel is one of the high quality first class hotel offering value for money. The hotel is located near to the major shopping areas within 7 to 10 kms vicinity.Situated in Cantt area.

Guest Houses in BenaresGuest Houses in Benares Benares is loaded with guest houses on the bank of river ganges. Many guest houses have faclities as close to a 5 star as well. On the various ghats of River Ganges which are situated next to each other, multiple guest houses can be booked for guests.