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Destination Weddings India

Destination Weddings India is a culturally rich country. It has many locations where anyone can tie a knot. Be it a Palace in Rajasthan, a beach in Goa,back waters at kerela or the magnificent Himalayas, India offers the best destinations for exotic weddings. No matter where you come from, what language you speak or religion you follow, you cannot forget the beauty and diversity of India.All dreams come true and all moments are cherished lifetime.

Our services :

• Detailed planning meetings or initial email assistance. • Regular progress updates. • Unlimited telephone and email assistance. • Complete wedding arrangements including selection of destination & venue,theme décor, photography, invitation   cards, wedding dresses, wedding cake, priests. • Special wedding/anniversary packages at exotic destinations. • Accommodation with the best hotels and travel arrangements. • Hospitality services for guests including individual facilitation,sight seeing packages before/after the wedding • Trousseau planning & shopping guide for clothes,jewellery,accessories • Traditional entertainers like Folk Dancers/ Musicians,Fire eaters, Snake Charmers, Grand Firework, hire Elephants and  Horses for Wedding Procession and all that legality offers to create a unique wedding experience. • Personal Wedding coordinator. • Maintenance of budget including control of supplier payments.


Beach Weddings

Getting married on a beach is a dream come true for many. Goa, Malaysia, Thailand with its pristine beaches, vast stretches of swaying palms and breath taking canopies.. all combine to form a perfect destination for a dream wedding. Your fairytale Wedding at a beautiful Beach is just few clicks away!

Palace Weddings

Ever thought of getting married like a prince or a princess in a grand Palace? You dont have to be one to get married in a Palace. Rajasthan offers many breathtaking palaces and venues to choose from. Our wedding package is complete with royal palaces, vintage cars, elephant processions, desert theme parties and a 400 year old picturesque wedding venue in the middle of a lake!

Weddings in Himalayas

Enjoy the quiet splendor of the majestic Himalayas, beautiful valleys and pine forests. And entertain your guests with trekking, mountain picnics and river rafting as well.

Weddings in Historical Places

A historical period wedding embraces the classical nature of specific and well-known time periods of the past. With their fascinating histories and clothing styles, these types of themes are sure to be a hit with your guests.

Weddings in Kerala

A wedding feast in God's own Country "Kerala" on banana leaves, a decorated elephant to bring the groom, a performance of classical Indian music and dance, decorating of hands and feet of the bride with Henna, silk sari for the bride and dhoti and white shirt for the groom.. what else would you need to make a perfect wedding day!


Temple Weddings

Marriage is one of the most sacred institutions and is put in high esteem by the couples. This is not only a union of two people and two minds, bodies and souls but a union of two families as well. There cannot be a better way to solemnise the weddings as temple weddings in India. In comparison to inviting gods at an outside venue it is better to go god's place and offering god a chance to play a host to your weddings.


Theme Weddings

Marriages are a showbiz nowadays!! Being different is the latest Mantra! An individual statement is a must, and hence themes are popular. Theme weddings take up a major place in our elite society now. It means letting loose your fancy ideas, be daring and experiment. It has to look different, be glamorous and must be make a style statement!